About Trust

Shri Kanya Kelvani Mandal was registered in charity commissioner : A/1630 Mehsana, Dated 17/10/1955,By President of Kelvani Mandal Shree Chunilal Kanjidas Patel. and Trust Establishment Dated June 1953.

This is one of the largest educational campus running professional institutions in the University, to which it is affiliated with. It offers educational course for teacher education, for continuing professional development, and thorough knowledge improvement with high quality delivery of sessions.


To spread education related to itellectual, moral, physical, Commercil, industrial, artistic, home science, social science and other among the women. To build and conduct hostels, kindergardents, schools, colleges and technical and indusrial institutes etc. for the purpose of girls education.

The girls hostel Establishment in year 1953, We give a facility from 7th standard to college Student Stay in Normal Charges. We have sufficient rooms, beds, and a water cooler and water heater.

We are having a big Hostel mess for students. We have sufficient ceiling fans, tube lights, dustbin, leg wiper, bathroom, and toilets.

  • Shri Kanya Kelvani Mandal Office, Unjha

  • Shri Jivkorben Mafatlal Gagaldas Girls Hostel, Unjha

  • Shri Jivkorben Mafatlal Girls School, Unjha

  • Computer Training Center, Unjha

  • Shri Tribhovandas Mohanlal Guru Higher Secondary Arts/Commerce & Science, Unjha

  • Shri Jivkorben Mafatlal Girls Primary School, Unjha

  • Shri Unjha Nagrik Co. Op. Bank Ltd. Girls Polytechnic, Unjha

  • Shri Unjha Nagrik Co. Op. Bank Ltd. Girls Technical Institute, Unjha

  • Smt.Jamnaben Kanjibha Tulsidas Patel KG Balmandir,Unjha

  • Shri Joitaram Madhavji Patel Arts Girls College, Unjha

  • Smt. Maniben Narayanbai Patel Commerce Girls College, Unjha

  • Shri Girls Hostel, Unjha

  • Shri A.M. Patel (Avani Seads) Girls Education (B.Ed.) College,Unjha